Laila Majnu Movie Review

Laila Majnu Movie Review
Laila Majnu Movie Review

Avinash Tiwary as Qais/Majnu is a discovery in the latter half of the movie. There is pathos, longing, heartbreak, pain and hallucination! The feelings refuse to leave you after the ending credits. Look out for the scene in which the dishevelled Kais dressed at a pheran slides into insanity and divides into’Hafiz Hafiz’ (which signifies in love, I’ve been closer to God) after somebody throws a rock at him! From a Qais into some numbling Majnu that is lunatic, Avinash is a disclosure.

The lens of sayak Bhattacharya efficiently adds layers in regards to love and the longing and flirt with all the beauty of Kashmir.
Imtiaz Ali and adore stories seldom go awry and with Laila Majnu (co-written with Sajid Ali), the guy once more brings his Midas touch particularly in the past 20-25 moments where the emotions get to the crescendo. It Requires a while. The movie starts on a note that is shaky as you just take a while to warm as much as his personalities. Originally, Trupti’s Laila leaves great deal of queries to one. Her behavior comes off a bit bizarre. However, as moments pass and with the entrance of Qais, things appear to be falling into place. Your attention is captured by his game.

To start with, Sajid Ali’s rendition starts with Laila (Tripti Dimri), a free-spirited woman who really doesn’t shy from flirting with men and directing them without a shred of guilt. Their love culminates into romance that is extreme for them to recognize they are not destined to be on the planet.

Tripti Dimri looks drop goergeous in the first frame. She excels in parts as soon as it comes to her side that is , but fails to fit around Avinash.
Laila Majnu is among the very told folklores about two fans whose thickness of intensity and love of fire to each other knew no bounds. In Sajid Ali’s retelling of the love saga that is ceaseless, the characters find themselves but the feelings are exactly the same.
Imtiaz Ali’s movies leave a lasting impression Laila Majnu is different and when it comes to songs! My choose from the record is. O Meri Laila and ahista Ahista impresses.
Regardless of the flaws, you can not help yourself from falling in love. Avinash Tiwary performance combined with the pencil and the music with Imtiaz Ali’s magic makes the folklore of Laila Majnu. To place it’this movie has enthusiasm and sense’.

Nonetheless, it’s post period when Qais’ transformation to Majnu starts, that you end up engrossed in to the love story. The pain, the seriousness, the insanity. . .everything suddenly looks so true! Sajid Ali execution leaves a mark!


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